Fair Trade: Using our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope

People of faith seek both definition and guidance from God as we make choices in our lives. As we learned more about Fair Trade, we saw the convergence of its nine basic Key Principles with the Judeo-Christian teachings of justice.  Therefore, creating a Bible Study that helps us understand and be actively involved in God's vision for the well-being of all of creation excited us at Partners for Just Trade.  

Fair Trade: Using Our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope, walks the reader through the principles of Fair Trade by means of personal narration, Bible passages, questions for reader to reflect upon, and challenges to engage the reader in learning about Fair Trade.  We provide a resource list for further study.

To use Fair Trade: Using Our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope, you only need to have a Bible nearby although it might be helpful to have access to the suggested resources while doing the study. 

You can do this study alone or with a group.  It is divided into six segments.  It can take as much or little time as you have; even a quick study will bring ideas and thoughts about how important our lifestyles are to the well-being of people we do not even know.  A deeper study will take you to a university for classes or to the library for books or to the computer to find some websites. 

Dowload the table of contents, sample session, or reference section to get a glimpse of the study.

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What people are saying:

"You can't find fluctuating world commodities markets' in the index of your NIV study Bible, so how can you know what Christianity has to say about trade relations? How can we make connections between our faith and the vast economic web which profoundly affects our daily lives, and which often puts most of the economic risk onto those least able to bear it - farmers and craftspeople in poor nations?

"Fair Trade: Using Our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope offers an accessible case, grounded in a wealth of scripture passages, for using fairly traded products. Each session offers discussion questions that help participants consider how biblical principles apply to our economic lives today; also included are real-life stories that help make human contact with faraway artisans, and practical tips that make getting started less overwhelming."

Elizabeth Palmberg

Assistant Editor, Sojourners Magazine

"This booklet outlines the theological and ethical rationale not only for Fair Trade, but for the broader issue of 'relational economics' as well. The stories of transformation of both First World consumers and Third World producers by Fair Trade practices are moving, and the resources for practical change clear. This study guide can help move our hearts and our hands; I recommend it for congregations and households."

Ched Myers
Co-founder, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries, Oak View, CA
Author and Activist

"Many people in our churches are committed to pursuing economic justice and environmental sustainability and are seeking good resources with practical suggestions that might guide them to a deeper faithfulness. Fair Trade: Using Our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope is just the kind of resource that can help.

"It illumines the biblical and theological grounding for these commitments and guides us toward asking ourselves appropriate questions. It makes clear the connections between our decisions as consumers and our desire to create a more equitable system of exchange. In a very down-to-earth and accessible format, this resource provides just the right balance of information and inspiration."

Anna Case-Winters
Professor of Theology, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago