A Thousand Fibers: Binding Together Through Fair Trade

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Buying Fair Trade is a conscious choice. When consumers choose it, they often understand the basics of Fair Trade and are cognizant of the various parts of the supply chain, including the essential—yet often overlooked—role of the person who produces the product.

PJT brings you this film that explores the principles of Fair Trade based on real life experiences. Filmed in both Peru and the United States, this documentary bridges the gap between consumers and producers and helps viewers understand why Fair Trade is an important—and viable—way to do business.

The film’s goal is triple-fold: to broaden individuals’ knowledge about Fair Trade while heightening awareness of, and increasing demand for Fair Trade. Unlike most other films about Fair Trade, A Thousand Fibers explains how Fair Trade works in the world of commodities (like chocolate and coffee) as well as handcrafts, with a special focus on the lives of handcraft artisans in Peru.

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How to use the film:

Two versions of the DVD exist. One version (33 minutes) is designed as a standalone educational tool for individuals, community groups, retail stores, schools, and more. The second version (41 minutes) can be used as a multimedia aid to accompany PJT’s Bible study “Using our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope.”

What people are saying:

“A wonderful,  inspiring view of Fair Trade philosophically and practically.  I particularly appreciate the clear contrasts between  conventional trade and Fair Trade. This DVD will be a great tool for  study and discussion groups.”
~ Jacqueline DeCarlo, Author of Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide
Senior Program Advisor, Catholic Relief Services

"A Thousand Fibers vividly reveals the people behind the products we enjoy. The video grounds the anecdotes that are so often repeated to compare conventional and fair trade, to detail Fair Trade's approach to commerce, and to describe our roles as consumers in real stories of every day changes that were made possible through Fair Trade. It calls upon us to continue to create that kind of positive transformation in our world."
~ Carmen K. Iezzi
 Former Executive Director, Fair Trade Federation

About the producer

H. Bruce Wilson is a writer, director and producer of educational and documentary films and other media. Over 300 of Wilson’s programs have been published internationally and he holds a number of awards, including an International Film & TV Festival of New York Gold Medal and the John Muir Medical Film Festival Finalist. He is passionate about the challenges of ’two-thirds world’ nations, particularly where business can create positive, lasting change and where peoples’ stories can engage and motivate across ideological, cultural, economic and geographic boundaries.

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