Tupaq Yupanqui

Fingerless Multi-colored Alpaca Gloves ATY 62


These hand-knit fingerless alpaca gloves will warm your hands and your heart.

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The colorful Alpaca yarn used to create these unique multi-colored gloves makes them soft, warm and easy to care for.
  • Item ATY 62
  • One size fits most
  • 70% alpaca, 30% acrylic
  • Hand wash cold, dry flat


Producer Group

Tupaq Yupanqui

Yauli, Huancavelica, Peru

The group's members, numbering at times up to twenty, grew up knitting but could not receive a fair wage for their work locally. In 2006 they began to work with Bridge of Hope, who exported their socks, which incorporate traditional Incan patterns. The members of Tupaq Yupanqui, with their business knowledge gained through Fair Trade, have faith in this sustainable way to improve their livelihoods. Since 2006, the group has increased sales, adding alpaca hats and gloves to their products. Their confidence continues to grow as they work on pricing, quality control and design, hoping to escape from poverty through their work.

Named for an Incan emperor, Tupaq Yupanqui is a group of knitters who live in a small Andean village outside of Yauli, in the Huancavelica province of Peru. The group members are: Concepciona, Claudia, Juanita, Ezequiel, Niry Luz, Lucy, Suna, Claudia, Emilia, and Dina.

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