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Hand Knit Stuffed Llama

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Our big lovable llamas are back! Featuring new bright colors in blue and pink, these stuffed animals make the perfect friend.

This adorable stuffed animal has a friendly face, funny feet, and wonderful colors. Soft and hand knit, this llama, with its traditional, colorful Andean ear ribbons, will be a favorite playmate and pillow for any baby or toddler. You may also be interested in our Baby Llama. A display information sheet is available for this product here.
  • Item ASB 24
  • Synthetic yarn with polyfill stuffing
  • 7" x 12" x 4"
  • Recommended Age: 2 years and up


Producer Group

El Mercurio

Santa Barbara, Huancavelica, Peru

El Mercurio is named for the historic mercury mine, founded in 1530 in Peru's Santa Barbara community, the birthplace of many of the group's members. The women had incredible knitting abilities, but had been unable to channel their talent in a marketable way. They washed clothes in the river, shined shoes, and worked as maids for other Huancavelica families, but none of these jobs provided a way out of extreme poverty. Now over thirty members gather to knit many varieties of animals and finger puppets. In addition to increasing the members' income exponentially over the years, the workshop acts as a safe space for them to share the joys and challenges of their everyday lives.

The El Mercurio knitting group began in 2003 with five enthusiastic women in Huancavelica, Peru. Here we see the members of the group with their children in their workshop! The members of El Mercurio are: Yody, Sandra, Rosita, Rufina, Tomotea, Julia, Juanita, Antonia, Hayde, Sixta, Rosalina, Rebeca, Reyna, Eusebia, Tanita, Paulina, Tania, Silvia, Domitila, Aydeé Riveros, Aydee Romo, Elisa, Reneé, and Luzmila.

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