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Stone Creche MA 650

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This hand carved white huamanga creche is topped with pale pink stone star.

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Huamanga stone is an alabaster unique to the Ayachucho area in Peru. This is our largest stone nativity.  
  • Item MA 650
  • Height at peak: 3”
  • Width at base: 2 3/4"


Producer Group

Manos Amigas

Lima, Peru

Manos Amigas works with about 85 artisan groups comprised of family workshops and artisan associations who work in ceramics, textiles, gourds, musical instruments, and more. Manos Amigas uses 20% of their profits for social programs which include school scholarships and feeding children in poor areas of Lima. Manos Amigas also has a responsible tourism program. Partners for Just Trade began working with Manos Amigas in 2012.

Here we see the different groups partnered through Manos Amigas come together for a time of learning and sharing through workshops, story-telling, skill sharing, and deepening friendships!

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