Return Policy

At Partners for Just Trade, we strive for consumer satisfaction with every item purchased. If an item was received in error please call the office at 314-707-2831. If you are not satisfied with a product, you may return any unused items within 14 days of purchase for an exchange or refund (excluding discounts and/or shipping charges). After 14 days, returns are not accepted.

PJT issues refunds for the purchase price, generally in the original payment method. Allow 14 days for the return to be processed. The item may be returned in person or sent to the office using a shipper of the consumer’s choice and at his/her own cost. Returns can be shipped to the PJT office at the following address:

Partners for Just Trade
45 W. Lockwood Ave.
St Louis, MO 63119

If the return is a result of an error on the part of PJT – we apologize! PJT will pay for shipping and handling costs.

How much of the retail price goes to the artisan?

We use democratic principles and practice transparency to ensure that working conditions are safe and dignified, and that the artisans have a say in how products are created and sold. The artisan group sets prices, manages the money, decides when to pay its members and when to invest in materials, and is responsible for all aspects of production from accepting the order to quality control. Not only does this mean that all members sense a joint responsibility for the group, it also means they learn skills from each other in math, communication, and very member understands the financial situation of their group.

Our artisans set the prices that they feel are fair for their work; this price covers the cost of materials and payment for labor, and is not less than minimum wage. That along with various other costs (Peruvian customs, packing, tags, and quality control) make up the FOB price, the price we pay to our partners where the products are made. PJT’s retail price for products is generally 3.5 – 4 times this FOB price. PJT pays for the shipment of products from the country of origin along with customs and duties charges. Underscoring our commitment to transparency, the artisans are aware of PJT’s retail price.

How do you connect with artisan groups?

Although we are not currently actively looking for new artisan partners, if you would like to contact us about an artisan group, please email pjt@PartnersforJustTrade.org and tell us briefly about the group and product types. Do not send large photo files with pictures of products.