Who We Work With

PJT is committed to Fair Trade and working with artisans and farmers that live in poverty. We use democratic principles and practice transparency to ensure that working conditions are safe and dignified, and that the producers have a say in how their products are created and sold. Together, the members of the producer groups set their prices, manage the money, decide when to pay their members and when to invest in materials, and are responsible for all aspects of production, from accepting an order to quality control. Not only does this mean that all members sense a joint responsibility for the group, it also means they learn skills from each other in math, communication, and every member understands the financial situation of their group. The producers we work with set the prices that they feel are fair for their work; this price covers the cost of materials and payment for labor, which is not less than minimum wage. We work with producers through our various Trade Partners who are on the ground and in regular communication with the producers. With our Trade Partners, we work with producers on pricing, quality control, design and in capacity building. If you are a producer group interested in contacting Partners for Just Trade, please contact us via email at pjt@PartnersforJustTrade.org. Tell us a little about your organization and the products you have. Do not send large photo files or products please. Note that we are not currently actively looking for new artisan partners.