Display Materials

Below are display materials that you can download to highlight products and producers at your retail store, Partnership Box Sale, or Home Party.

Chulucanas Pottery

Information about brown and white Chulucanas pottery products (which start with the code MA) and the artisan group in Peru who makes them

Gourd Products

Information about gourd products (which start with the code MA and CDLT) from Peru.

Haiti Metal Art

For all Metal Art from Haiti (with the code HA). Tells how it is made and where.

Recycled Swimsuit Flower Hair Accessories

For all flower hair accessories (with the code CJJ) made by the artisan group Jupa.

Knit Animals & Finger Puppets

About Knit Animals and Finger Puppets beginning with the code ASB from the artisan group El Mercurio.

Screen-Printed Bags & Wallets

For all screen-printed fabric products (with the code VW) made by VillageWorks in Cambodia.

Shipibo Fabric

For any product containing Shipibo fabric (made by the artisan group, Emady - code CEGE). Shipibo is a cotton fabric made by the Shipibo indigenous tribe from the jungle regions of Peru.

Silver Jewelry

For all Silver Jewelry (with the code CEMR), which is made by the artisan group Munay Rumi.

Recycled Flour Sack Products

Information about Recycled Flour Sack towels, oven mitts, and hot pads starting with the code CEGM and the artisan group Mana who makes them.