Partnership Boxes

Support Global Artisans!

Get involved in promoting economic and social justice, while supporting global artisans in need. With PJT’s Partnership Box program, you can host a sale of PJT products at your church or community organization. The sale of these products supports fair trade artisans in Peru, Haiti, Cambodia, and Palestine while providing you with a beautiful selection of handmade items to sell at your event.

What is a Partnership Box?

A “Partnership Box” is simply an assortment of PJT products chosen from our collection of items handmade by global artisans that you can sell at an event or other venue.

You choose what goes into your Partnership Box by ordering from our selection of Variety Samplers, Holiday Sampler, individual items, or a combination for your sale.

You will need to put down a 20% deposit and send in a signed agreement form, then we will ship your items, which are priced and ready to sell. You promote and hold the sale.

PJT does offer an optional 15% discount off the price of your order if you would like to use this profit from your sale for local activities. Or you can opt to donate this 15% discount back to PJT and designate it for the artisans or for PJT operations that support the artisans (i.e., you are invoiced for the cost of your products).

Request More Information

If you are interested in receiving a Partnership Box for an upcoming event, please fill out the following form and we will be in contact soon with more information!

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