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Ceramic Angels w Instruments CJRA 83

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These ceramic Angels with Instruments make a beautiful decoration and feature traditional Andean instruments!

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Each detail painted by hand in Peru. Comes with four unique angels.
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Producer Group

Yuraq Allpa

Ate Vitarte, Lima, Peru

Yuraq Allpa, an artisan group established in 2008, depends on making ceramics to support their families. The name Yuraq Allpa means “White Dirt” in Quechua. The members of the group grew up in Ayacucho and came to Lima during the years of terrorism in the 1980s and 1990s. In Ayacucho there is a lot of clay in the soil that makes the ground white. In order to remember their home, they named their group Yuraq Allpa. They have always dedicated themselves to this work and being a part of Bridge of Hope has provided more opportunities to work. Anita Contreras says, “The situation is very critical. The product we can sell in Peru does not supply us with enough.” Fair Trade has opened their eyes to a whole new world of fair wages and sustainable business.

The members of Yuraq Allpa and their children outside of their workshop. Group Members: Anita Contreras Navarro, Emiliano Nolasco Palomino, Carlos Huaman Villacrisis, Victoria Contreras Navarro, Yolanda Contreras Navarro.

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