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Colorblock Alpaca Blend Scarf CDPE 29A GRY


Our long Colorblock scarf is handwoven in a soft blend of warm alpaca in three large gray colorblocks. This is a great gift for men or women!

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Our alpaca blend scarves, handwoven in the mountains of Peru, are a beautiful combination of traditional weaving and modern style. Like this scarf? See all of our winter scarves, including more alpaca blend styles.
  • Item CDPE 29A GRY
  • 12” x 68”
  • 50% alpaca, 40% synthetic angora, 10% acrylic
  • Hand wash cold, dry flat


Producer Group

La Esperanza

Hualhuas, Huancayo, Peru

La Esperanza grew out of the Maldonado Lazo family artisan business. Graciela’s entire family is involved in the artisan business, so she learned to weave at a young age. Her father gave her a little part of the store to sell her own designs, and she has continued to develop her own style and practice her own business skills through Fair Trade. The products that La Esperanza make feature traditional Andean motifs. They weave all of the fabrics and have a sewing machine in their house where everything is sewn together. The name of their group, which means “Hope” in Spanish, is a testament to what they have found through their participation with Bridge of Hope.

Graciela says, “Fair Trade has supported me… It has saved me. I am able to set aside and save the money I make in order to send my children to university.” The other group members are: Victor, Lucia, Georgina, Agripina, and Glider.

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