Dark Cotton Scarf

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These dark cotton scarves are hand-dyed and come in Black, Red, and Brown. Each has been carefully created by artisans working with VillageWorks, our fair trade partners in Cambodia.

This medium-weight handwoven cotton scarf is generously sized. Our dark scarves have a black warp and twisted fringe. Hand-dyed and AZO-free, colors vary slightly in each dye lot.  You may also be interested in our Bright Cotton Scarf
  • Item VW 32
  • Eco-friendly, AZO-free ink
  • Hand wash cold, dry flat
  • 100% cotton
  • 66” x 17 1/2”


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VillageWorks was started to create employment and provide skills and livelihoods to women and young people in a small village in the Baray District of Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia in 2001. Villageworks has a history of working with artisans as whole persons and addressing the complex challenges this recovering nation faces. The name VillageWorks expresses their focus on handicrafts produced in villages using indigenous materials, native implements, and simple craftsmanship. It also expresses their intent to teach artisans the value and meaning of work. About 80% of the artisans suffer from the effects of childhood polio, and are all full-time, salaried workers. Partners for Just Trade began working with VillageWorks in 2013.

Producer Jasmin Pill showing a hand-printed silk-screened fabric. Through her work with VillageWorks, she was able to complete her Bachelor's degree and was made one of their production supervisors.

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