Manta Monkey CEGE 108B

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Our handmade Manta Monkey pillow is sure to bring a smile! The back features the traditional style Peruvian manta fabric.

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These manta pillows are 100% cotton, safe and durable! Manta means "blanket" in Spanish and is used by the indigenous women to carry their babies.
  • Item CEGE 108B
  • Recommended age: 3 and up
  • Body: 10” x 7" x 2"


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El Agustino, Lima, Peru

Emady is an artisan group established in 2005 which consists of three women who run a sewing business. The members of Emady met each other through a feeding and after-school care project that their children attended. Maria was a seamstress who worked in her home sewing for neighbors, while Eluteria and Dionisia cooked in the project's kitchen as volunteers so that their children could get one free meal.

Maria, Eluteria and Dionisia in their workshop where they create manta and shipibo products.

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