Manta Water Bottle Carrier CEK 19

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This water bottle carrier allows you to conveniently stay hydrated on travels and hikes. Comes with an adjustable strap to fit anyone.

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The manta fabric on each carrier is unique! Manta means "blanket" in Spanish and is used by the indigenous women to carry their babies.  
  • Item CEK 19
  • 100% acrylic
  • 3 1/2" in diameter


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Chorrillos, Lima, Peru

When the women from Chorrillos in Lima established the group that would become Kuichi, their purpose was simply to mend clothes. The group was started by several women who gathered together to celebrate one another’s birthdays and holidays. One Mother’s Day, one of the mothers commented that the women present should form a sewing workshop to be able to economically support their families without leaving their children or their homes during the day. One of the members looked on the internet for ideas and came across Partners for Just Trade. Now they are part of Bridge of Hope, which helps them access more customers. They named their group Kuichi, which is the Quechua word for “rainbow.”

Jobita, Hidivia and Prisila in their workshop. Jobita shares her experiences: “For me, one of the best parts about working in Fair Trade is the flexibility and that I can always put my children and family first. When my husband got very sick I had to take care of him. Kuichi still paid me even though I couldn’t work.”

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