Llamkay Tuki

Red Cardinals Maraca CDLT 101


This red gourd maraca featuring hand-carved cardinals is a new addition to our Peruvian  instruments! New!

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Gourd sizes and shapes vary, so each maraca is unique. Natural dried seeds inside the gourd make this a delightful musical toy!   A display information sheet is available for this product here.
  • Item CDLT 101
  • Eco-friendly materials and production
  • Natural gourd with hand-incised design
  • Length: approximately 7" to 10"
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up


Producer Group

Llamkay Tuki

Chocas Chico, Huancayo, Peru

Llamkay Tuki is the artisan group that was selected out of a large group of qualified artists. Daniel, Rosa, Virgilio, and Joel live and work in Cochas, Huancayo, Peru. Their name, in the Quechua language, can be translated as "beautiful work". They have learned how to pick out gourds of the best quality, which they clean carefully before they sketch the design on them in pencil. Daniel specializes in burning the design into the gourd; then Rosa carves the thin, delicate lines that outline the design. Working within Fair Trade has also taught this group how to run a business well.

Here we see Daniel and Rosa in their workshop. Daniel says, “Fair Trade has helped us a lot to work on the quality and how to buy gourds of top quality. It has also helped us improve our living situation… We have learned with Fair Trade to share equally.”

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