Munay Rumi

Jacaranda Earrings CEMR 30SA

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These earrings feature an eye-catching mix of natural tropical seeds with coconut shell and silver-tone disk beads.

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Brands:Munay Rumi
Colors vary somewhat because of the nature of the seeds. See our matching Tierra Necklace and Semilla Bracelet.   A display information sheet is available for this product here.
  • Item CEMR 30SA
  • Alpaca ear wires
  • Length: 1 3/4"


Producer Group

Munay Rumi

Jicamarca, Lima, Peru

Munay Rumi is a small artisan group of jewelry makers based in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards and have shown great commitment to upholding Fair Trade principles. They moved to Lima from Cuzco in the early 1990s to find more opportunities and still speak Quechua with each other and in their homes. In Quechua, Munay Rumi means “pretty stone.” After years of monotonous work in a jewelry factory, working 80-hour weeks for only $115 a month, members of the group decided to leave to form their own business. They heard about this Fair Trade project and became involved, forming Munay Rumi.

Silvia Vargas in Munay Rumi’s workshop working on some new jewelry! Silvia, Ernesto and Luis specialize in silver filigree and textura jewelry and shape each detail by hand.

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